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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming


In we encourage Responsible Gaming and we take actions aiming at protecting and preventing the general public and especially vulnerable social groups (e.g. minors) from dependence and addiction to Gaming. Please take a minute to read our general principles of Responsible Gaming.

By saying "Responsible Gaming" we refer to a series of actions aimed at protecting and preventing the general public and especially vulnerable social groups (e.g. minors) from dependence and addiction to Gaming.

More specifically, in OPAP S.A. we develop actions for Responsible Gaming with the purpose of informing Players:

• About how to maximize the entertainment offered to them by Gaming and how to avoid the risks posed.

• About the regulations governing the conduct of Gaming.



Setting a deposit limit (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)

The Player may set limits on the amounts deposited into his “Player Account” on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, by submitting a relevant request to OPAP S.A.

This request is directly applied unless it concerns a deposit limit increase, so in order to be implemented at least 24 hours should elapse after its submission.

Submission of self-exclusion request

The Player can also submit a request for temporary or permanent exclusion from participating in Gaming. OPAP S.A. ensures that the Player cannot "play" after the submission of an exclusion request.

Temporary exclusion cannot be valid for a period of less than one (1) month. In each case, however, the Player can choose to take a break from participating in Gaming even for a shorter period of time, such as 24 hours (temporary abstention period).

The acceptance of a Player’s request for temporary exclusion or temporary abstention from participating in OPAP S.A. Gaming involves deactivating the Player’s Account throughout the temporary exclusion or temporary abstention period.

A Player’s permanent exclusion means that OPAP S.A. closes the Player's Account and terminates the relationship with the customer. The Player can re-register as a customer after his Account has been closed for one (1) year.

If the Player, who has asked to be self-excluded, wishes to log into the Site again he must contact by e-mail or call the customer service department so as to ask to be erased from the self-exclusion list. This can only happen after a month.

Register of self-excluded persons

OPAP S.A. maintains a record of the Players who want temporary or permanent exclusion from their participation in Gaming. The Player provides his explicit consent to be entered in the register.

When a new Player registers, OPAP S.A. refers to the register of self-excluded persons in order to ensure that the Player in question is not listed on it. If the Player is listed on the register, his registration is rejected.

When a Player is connected to the Gaming system, OPAP S.A. refers to the register of self-excluded persons in order to ensure that the Player is not listed on it. If the Player is listed on the register, he will not be given permission to play.

In the event that OPAP S.A. ascertains that a Player is listed on the register of self-excluded persons as permanently excluded, the Player’s Account will be closed and the customer relationship will be terminated.

A Player who is listed on the register of self-excluded persons as permanently excluded, may, at any time, but at least one year after having been entered in the register, request the license holder to remove him from the register.

OPAP S.A. takes measures to avoid sending marketing material to Players who are temporarily or permanently self-excluded from participating in Gaming.



How self-exclusion schemes work

• You cannot leave the scheme before the exclusion period has expired

• You are not allowed to play during the self-exclusion period

• You will be removed from the marketing database of PAMESTOIXIMA and you will not receive any related communication during the period of your self-exclusion

• You will not have the right to open a new account in case you change your mind

Is self-exclusion right for me?

Generally, people who select the self-exclusion option feel that it is no longer in their best interest to keep playing. To find out if this is the right option for you, you may want to consider:

• Is gaming causing problems with your finances, health or relationships?

• Will stopping or taking a break from gaming help you feel more in control of your life?

• Are you willing to make a commitment to change your gaming habits?


The decision to self-exclude should be carefully considered. Some people find it useful to combine self-exclusion with other support tools, such as counselling. Self-exclusion is voluntary - the decision is entirely up to you!



A responsible Player is one who:

• When playing, decides upon a specific amount of money from the beginning and does not exceed that amount for any reason.

• Does not borrow money in order to play.

• Does not play the money intended for other daily needs.

• Does not try to “break even” by risking extra money.

• Is conscious and aware of the fact that he is not able to affect Gaming.

What does a clever Player do?

• He avoids spending money intended for other needs.

• He stops playing or plays less.

• He avoids spending change too often in order to participate in gambling.

• He does not play to break even when he loses.

• He avoids treating the game as a solution to his problems and concerns.

• He never borrows money in order to play.

• He considers that the money spent in order to play is the price somebody pays to have fun.

• He does not lie to his loved ones about the money or the time he spent playing.

• He asks for help when he realizes that he tends to spend more or play more often.

• He does not leave his job or interrupt his studies in order to play.

• He does not play when he feels sad, alone, bored, oppressed or anxious.

• He always sets limits on the game and NEVER exceeds them!

• He always plays only the amount of money that he originally set.

• He stops playing when he exceeds the predetermined amount limit.

• He is aware of the amount of time and the amount of money he spends playing.

• He makes use of the potential for self-restraint where possible.

• He is objectively informed about the odds of winning.



For the Player who has exceeded the limits of Gaming as a pastime, it is important to understand that:

• He is not alone with his problem and he can turn to his loved ones or even to specialists for support and understanding.

• It is important to be honest with himself and with others.

• He must be prepared for the appearance of withdrawal symptoms.

• He will help himself by finding activities that will distract him from Gaming.

The help and support of family and friends for the Players who are facing an addiction to Gaming can be a determining factor in regard to their recovery from it.

• We help our addicted friend when:

• We accept him as he is since by condemning him we may exacerbate his situation.

• We motivate him to realize his addiction.

• We explain to him that he is responsible for his own actions.

• We motivate him to change.

• We urge him to accept help from mental health professionals or from mutual aid groups.



If someone thinks that they are facing a problem with Gaming (or thinks that a relative or friend of theirs is facing such a problem), they may contact the KETHEA ALPHA 1114 helpline, which operates with the financial support of OPAP S.A., for psychological support and telecounseling for Players addicted to Gaming.

This program offers assistance and guidance to the Player himself, his relatives or friends.

• The Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 with fully qualified staff, such as sociologists, social workers, psychologists.

• The aim of the program is for the persons addicted to Gaming to recover and be reintegrated into society through personal meetings.

OPAP S.A. promulgates the above mentioned program to the general public, so as to encourage addicted Players as well as their family and friends to seek help, while at the same time preserving confidentiality and anonymity.

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Complete the questionnaire here, to discover if you have a problem with Gaming.

The questionnaire is based on the "Canadian Gaming Problem Index".