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Because you control the game and OPAP helps you learn how!

In OPAP S.A. we encourage "Responsible Gaming" and develop actions aimed at informing the players about:

  • How to play for the joy of the game and minimize the negative effects of their participation.
  • For the rules of the games.

Find out everything you need to know about your participation limits and the option of voluntary self-exclusion, if you are facing difficulties in controlling your game.

Because here we play responsibly!

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Set your Responsible Gaming limits

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Play for the joy of the game.

Take the test and find out if you play according to the rules of the Responsible Gaming or if you have difficulty in controlling your game.

Take the self-assessment test


FAQs about Responsible Gaming

To ALL users, both the new ones and those that already have an electronic account.

  • Time limit concerning the maximum time of participation.
  • Monetary limit of deposits in wallet.
  • Loss monetary limit for Sportsbetting.
  • Loss monetary limit for casino.
  • The limits are set per day, week or month.
    The “day” is set from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 of the same day;
    the “week” is set from Sunday, at 00:00:00, to Saturday, at 23:59:59; and
    the “month” is set from the 1st calendar day, at 00:00:00, until the last calendar day of the month, at 23:59:59.

    If you wish to reduce your limits, such reduction shall apply immediately. If you wish to increase your limits, for such increase it is required that the time period for which the limit was set has lapsed. A) Example: The user sets on Tuesday a weekly deposit limit of €50. The user changes such limit to €30/week. Such change enters into effect immediately. B) Example: If the user changes his/her weekly deposit limit to €55, such change will enter into force as of Sunday, at 00:00:01. (Calculation of a week: Sunday to Saturday according to definitions).

    You will receive a notification and an email when you reach the 80% of any of the Responsible Gaming limits.

    When the user reaches the 100% of his/her time limit, he/she logs out of his/her account and cannot log in until the restoration of such limit takes place.
    When trying to log in until the restoration, the user is being relatively informed.
    When the user reaches the 100% of his/her loss or deposit limit, he/she cannot participate in the respective game, the limit of which has been reached, or deposit more money in wallet.

    The session may not exceed 24 consecutive hours, while after 2 hours of no activity, the user logs out of his/her account automatically. OPAP S.A. has the right to restrict gaming activity (entries, attribution of winnings) and/or the transactions (deposits/ withdrawals), in the framework of implementation of the Responsible Gaming principles, provided that from the details it possesses, it derives that the player presents a problematic playing behavior.

    Top Of The Game RG

    Make sure you stay on top of the game.

    Learn more on how to have fun playing without exceeding your budget or contact the KETHEA-ALPHA helpline at 1114 or via email to, if you are experiencing excessive gaming problems.

    OPAP S.A. promotes the aforementioned program to the general public, so that addicted players, their family environment and their friends be encouraged to ask for help, by keeping their privacy and anonymity.


    1. Net Nanny ( General blocking software that protects children from inappropriate online content. Also available in iOS and Android devices.
    2. GamBlock ( Specific blocking software for betting websites. Also available in Android devices.