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Summer FAQS



1. What is Xmas Offer Zone about?

XMAS Offer Zone is the Christmas festive Pamestoixima.gr casino promotion promotional calendar. XMAS offer zone comes with 32 fantastic offers and for every offer you take part to you grab a ticket for the weekly draws and the big draw as well. 4 weekly draws will take place and a big draw follows on the 4th of January. The lucky winner will get a huge bonus for all 2021 as a prize!

2. How do I participate in the promotion?

It’s very simple. Log in or register, get informed regarding the daily offer, and just play at the participation games or grab your offer at the specific game. For every offer you take part in, you gather tickets for the weekly and the big draw as well. The more offers you take part in, the more tickets you will get. So simple, so fascinating.

3. Can I partake in all daily offers?

Of course! Υou may take part in all the daily offers, should you wish to. You may take part in those you feel they suit you the most, or you may take part in all the offers. In every offer you take part in, you will have to complete the respective terms, as they described in every different offer. Also have in mind that the more you take part at the daily offers, the more tickets you will get for the great draw that will take place on the 4th of January.

4. How can I find out which are the upcoming daily offers of Xmas Offer Zone?

Every day you should come back here https://club.pamestoixima.gr/xmas-offer-zone. The revelation of the daily offer begins at 00:00 and closes at 23:59, so make sure that you will not forget to come back at the XMAS Offer Zone site on a daily basis. Moreover, always have in mind that every participation on each promotion, gives you one more ticket for the Draws, where YOU may be one of the 1000 big winners.

5. How do weekly draws work? Which players participate?

All players! You just have to take part in at least one of the daily offers of the week. The more offers you participate in, the more your weekly lottery participations increase and the ones for the big draw, too. Every offer is equal to one ticket, while the maximum of the tickets you may gather per week, is 8. That means that you have taken part in all 8 offer.

6. What are the prizes of the weekly draws?

A total number of 500 will occur from the weekly draws. The big weekly winner will get 3.000 free spins and a total number of 125 lucky winners are going to get free spins every week.

7. When do weekly draws take place?

The weekly draws are going to take place on 9/12, 17/12, 28/12 and on the January the 4st, where both the weekly and the big draw will take place.

8. Who may enter the big draw?

Αll the players who have participated in one Offer zone promo at least.

9. What are the prizes of the big draw?

500 winners will occur from the big draw. The big winner will be getting a 200 euro bonus EVERY WEEK, for ALL 2021. Winners 2-11 will be getting a 50 euro bonus for all 2021, while the winners 12-100 will also get bonuses for all 2021. The rest winners (101-500) will be getting free spins for all 2021.

10. When does the big draw take place?

The big draw will take place at 4/1.

11. How can I multiply my chances to win one of the draws’ prizes?

Participation in offers = tickets for the draws. Every participation in the daily promos of Offer Zone’s calendar is a ticket for the lucky draw. The more you play, the more tickets you collect for the lucky draws. And that means that you will have an increased chance to be one of the 1000 big winners. So do not miss out on the chance to take advantage of the daily offer in multiple ways.

12. How will Ι know if I won in any of the draws?

You can see the winners of every weekly draw and the ones of the big draw here here.

13. Is it mandatory to participate in all daily offers?

No! You are not obliged to take part in all the daily offers, but should you want to, you may take part in all offers. Always remember though, that the more you take part in the daily offers, the more tickets you will have in hand for the Big draw. And that means that YOU will have even more chances to become the big winner, who will get Bonus for ALL 2021 as a prize.

14. What is the duration of the Xmas offer zone?

32 days! Xmas Offer Zone begins on the 1st of December and will be concluded on the 1st of January.