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Terms and Conditions

During the registration process, it is mandatory to read and accept the Terms and Conditions governing your access to the Site or use any of its parts or its services.
In the event that you do not agree with all the Terms, then you will not be allowed access to the Site or its services.

Yes. OPAP S.A., at its sole discretion, may, at any time, modify or replace these Terms and Conditions, but will do so, only after notifying you via a relative post on the Site. You shall be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with the then-current Terms and Privacy Policy, by regularly checking for possible amendments in order to be sure that you agree with them. Your continued use of the Site or any part of it after any modifications to the Terms and the Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of the modifications.

Use of Site

No. This Site and its services are for your personal use only.

Registration and Use of Account

Now you can easily register to Just follow the steps below:
Step 1: Select “REGISTER” at homepage
Step 2: Fill in all mandatory fields (symbol *).
When finished tick the boxes regarding self-exclusion, acceptance of terms and conditions and commercial communication.
Step 3: Click “Create account”.
Promptly, you will receive an e-mail in order to activate your account.
Step 4: Follow the instructions, click on the link and your account will be activated.
Note: Your account is temporary and you have to verify it in 30 days (since your registration).

No. Only people who are over the age of 21 have the right to use the Site.

No. Only people who have Internet access from the Greek Territory preserve the right to participate in the Site.

No. Each Player is allowed to have only one Account.

In the event that you have forgotten your password, you may click the “SIGN IN” button in the homepage, select "Forgotten Password" and follow the instructions. For any questions you may contact our Customer Service department via e-mail: or by phone: 18280*.

You may immediately contact us by phone or via e-mail. Please, confirm that your e-mail address is valid.

Opening an Account takes only a few minutes. For safety and Responsible Gaming reasons you will have to enter your full name, age, address, the number of your identity card or your passport and finally a valid e-mail address. Just after you enter the above information an e-mail containing your personal Account activation link will be sent to your e-mail address.
OPAP S.A. will ask you to provide the necessary documentation for the verification of all the above information. The range of the documentation needed will be determined solely by OPAP S.A., according to the risk analysis, so that we can be sure that you are the person you claim to be. The identity verification process will take place when OPAP S.A. draws up the customer relationship and before the first payment of any profit to a Player.
For the security of your Account, you should not disclose your user name and password to anyone.

Ιn some cases settlement of open bets may require up to 72 hours. After their settlement, as won, your balance will be updated. For more information, please contact our Customer Care Team.

You can place a bet following the steps below:
Step 1: Select your favorite sport (from the sports menu). The most important live betting events and all available leagues will appear in your screen.
Alternatively you can choose your favorite league from the top left menu (featured) and all available events will appear.
You can also check all special bets of each event by clicking the number alongside (e.g. +7).
Step 2: Make a selection and it will be transferred into your betslip (right side). At the top menu you can find all open bets and cash out offers available.
Step 3: Enter the desired stake (it will be rounded to a multiple of €0,25) and click “SUBMIT”. Possible returns will appear at the bottom of your betslip.
After placing your bet a unique code will appear and the option to keep your selections for future bets.

Step 1: Select your favorite sport or league and all available markets will appear.
Step 2: : Make a selection and start creating your betslip. Every new selection will be transferred into your betslip (right side).
Once you have finished selecting the events the total odd will appear in your betslip.
Step 3: Enter the desired stake (it will be rounded to a multiple of €0,25) and click “SUBMIT”.
After placing your bet a unique code will appear and the option to keep your selections for future bets.


Step 1: Select your favorite sport or league and all available markets will appear.
Step 2: Make a selection and start creating your betslip. Every new selection will be transferred into your betslip (right side).
Once you have finished selecting the events the total odd will appear in your betslip.
Step 3: Choose how you want to combine your selections. Depending on the amount of events selected, you will see our multiple options (doubles, trebles, accumulators and much more).
Step 4: Enter the desired stake (it will be rounded to a multiple of €0,25) and click “SUBMIT”. You can bet different amounts per column/system. Total stake will appear at the bottom of your betslip.

• You can create a column including up to 15 selections on your betting slip.
• Each column can include different bets for events belonging to different sports (provided they are offered) however the combination of bets on the same event cannot be placed in the same column, unless otherwise stated.
• Singles accepted to all markets.
• A single column costs €0,25. Your stake will be automatically corrected to be a multiple of 0,25 (e.g. if you bet €0,40 it will be corrected to €0,25).
• Once your bet has been placed it will be transferred to “OPEN” bets (top right side). You can see all available cash out offers by clicking on the “CASHOUT” button.
• You can combine live and pre game events.

Closing your Account

Yes. You preserve the right to close your Account at any time, on the condition that there are no pending debts.
You should contact OPAP S.A. and when your ID is confirmed, your Account shall be closed immediately provided you comply with the above mentioned condition.

The percentage that is retained from the unused deposit balance of the player’s account when the account will close is 4,5%. This percentage depends on other charges that OPAP has to pay to third parties (banks, co-operators, etc.) when customers deposit money through those different channels to their electronic account.

Yes. We can suspend the operation of a Player Account if there are suspicions that the Player has acquired profits illegally or has violated the law or the conditions associated with his online Player Account.


In order to make a deposit you can use five payment methods:
1. In any OPAP’s betting store, according to terms of the Accession Agreement.
2. With a debit, credit or prepaid card instantly. Cards from Alpha Bank, National Bank, Eurobank and Piraeus Bank are acceptable. The minimum deposit limit is 5 euros and for every transaction there is no expense from OPAP S.A.
3. With bank deposit and direct debit of your account, through the services which your bank provides (Web Banking, Phone Banking, branches). There isn't any minimum deposit limit.
4. With Paysafecard. It is a quick, safe and convenient method of electronic transactions. The procedure is simple: Login to your account, click on the "DEPOSIT" button and then select "Paysafecard" from the payment options. Enter the deposit amount and click "Next". You will then be directed to the Paysafecard website where you will need to enter your “My Paysafecard” credentials and confirm your payment. Once complete, the amount will be credited to your account.
The minimum deposit limit is 10 euros and there isn't any expense from OPAP S.A. for your transaction.
Note: The maximum amount you can transfer depends on the limit you have set on “Responsible gaming limits”.
Important notice: Please be aware that as of the 23rd of March 2017 all Paysafecard deposits must be made via a personal, "My Paysafecard” account. To open a “My Paysafecard” account please visit
5. Skrill is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that allows you to transfer money to and from your account quickly and safely. Now you can easily deposit funds using your Skrill account. Just enter the amount you wish to deposit and your SKRILL e-mail (the one you used when you created your Skrill account). For security reasons you will be redirected to SKRILL’s website where you should confirm your payment. The minimum deposit limit is 5 euros and there isn't any expense from OPAP S.A. for your transaction.
The maximum amount you can transfer depends on the limit you have set on “Responsible gaming limits”.
Note: If you have made a deposit with a card other than Visa or Mastercard, this card will not be eligible for withdrawal.

Yes. The maximum amount you can deposit, depends on the limit you have put on “Responsible gaming limits”.

You must first verify your IBAN and your account. Upon withdrawal, the money will be deposited into an IBAN bank account, which you have selected and you can change at any time.

Via card (Visa / Mastercard accepted)
In order to make a withdrawal request via card, a deposit from the same card and verification of its details are required.
Note: To verify your details, you have to upload a copy of your card (Only the first 6 and the last 4 digits should be visible as well as the expiration date and the cardholder's name.)  Card copies that do not meet the above conditions will not be accepted.
The minimum withdrawal amount is €30.

Via Skrill account
You have to verify your player's account first. Then OPAP S.A. will check that the Skrill account indicated belongs to you so as to proceed with the approval of the withdrawal.
Note: For withdrawal requests more than 100€, IBAN verification is also required. OPAP SA strives to fulfill your requests for Withdrawal via your desirable transaction method. Although, in special occasions, due to security reasons and after your prompt notification, OPAP SA reserves the right to suspend for a short period of time or permanently the right of use of one or more transaction methods from a player’s account.

According to the Terms and Conditions, the minimum amount you can bet is 0.25 euros. The maximum acceptable amount per game or combination or betting combinations is equal to the amount of 20.000 columns. The betting amount must necessarily be a multiple of 0.25 euros. It is automatically rounded to the nearest amount.

According to the law 4141/2013 (Official Gazette published A' 81) our Players’ net profits are subject to the following tax rates per column:
• Tax-free (Tax 0%): column net profits up to 100 euros
• Tax 15%: column net profit from 100.01 to 500 euros (The tax is charged on the profits which exceed 100 euros per column)
• Tax 20%: column net profit from 500.01 euros or more (The tax is charged on the profits which exceed 500.01 euros per column)
Note: The column value in OPAP S.A. is 0.25 euros.

OPAP S.A. reserves the right to set up and implement promotional activities, permitted under Law 4002/2011. These promotional activities are likely to change at regular intervals. For detailed information about promotions you will be notified via the Site.

No. OPAP S.A. does not charge deposits and/or withdrawals. Any transaction costs arise from the financial institution you use to deposit or withdraw money from your Account. OPAP S.A. may charge transactions only in case of Account misuse and in each case as described in the text of Terms and Conditions.

Verification Process

In accordance with HGC’s Regulation (GGI 3162 / 25.11.2014), in order for you to ensure that your account will remain valid, and for you to continue having access to all functions of your account, we are obliged to verify the personal data of your account.

You may verify your account by log in to your online account:
Log into your online account
Go to section “Account” and select “Profile”, at the right side of the page. Then, select “Account Verification” and follow one of the verification methods below:
a. Through IBAN and Identity or Passport.
• Upload a copy in color of both sides of your ID card or of your passport, an
• Enter and save the IBAN of your bank account.
Note: To verify your account’s IBAN, make sure that your personal details (first name, last, name, father’s name) correspond to the ones you have declared upon your registration to OPAP’s online games.
b. Through utility bill (e.g. DEI, EYDAP etc. bill) or telephony bill or Solemn Declaration and ID card or Passport
• Upload a copy in color of both sides of your ID card or of your passport, an • Upload a copy in color of a recent (with issuance date within the last three months) utility bill (e.g. a bill of DEI, EYDAP etc.), in which your full name and your address are mentioned, or of a telephony bill where your full name and phone number are mentioned. • Once we receive the documents above, we will contact you to confirm your details.
In case you don’t have a utility bill in your name, you can submit a solemn declaration (available here) with your personal details filled in. You will then have to verify your signature’s authenticity at any competent administrative authority (e.g. Citizens’ Service Center, Police Station, Municipality etc.) and to upload the solemn declaration on section “Account Verification” of your online account.
For more information concerning the verification process, you may contact us at or contact the Customer Support Team of OPAP at 18280*
ATTENTION: In case the period of 30 days from the creation of your account lapses and you haven’t carried out the verification process, your account will be locked and you will have to contact the Customer Support Team of OPAP at 18280* or send all necessary documents to, in order for the account to be activated.

Tax certificates for profits regarding our online services

OPAP SA provides TAX Certificates for profits regarding our Online Services after the electronic request of a Player through the website. The TAX Certificate that is issued is based on all gaming activities during the financial year and it is calculated by using the details and information given by the electronic gaming account of the player with the condition that the total gross profit minus the total amount spent for bets is finally positive.
More specifically, login into your account, select:
"Profile" (top right corner) and then click "More” option on the left menu.
Select “Winnings certificate” and enter your Tax Identification Number.
Then fill in your address and postal code.
Finally, you will be asked to upload your latest annual tax assessment.

You can make a request until 31/10/2019 through

Players who have already applied for Tax Certificate through their electronic accounts, will be informed by OPAP S.A via email and telephone about the status of their request and required actions.

Responsible Gaming

Yes. OPAP takes Responsible Gaming very seriously. Our goal is to protect our players from excessive participation in games of luck. We believe that you are always a winner when you play within limits. For this reason, we encourage you to set your deposit, participation and loss limits before starting playing. You may set daily, weekly and/or monthly limits. However, if you feel that you cannot control your game or you play more than you can afford to lose, we suggest you take a break from gaming by selecting the self-exclusion option.

If you believe that you, a friend or a relative of yours has a problem with excessive playing, do not hesitate to call 1114 helpline, which OPAP has created in partnership with KETHEA-ALFA to provide psychological support and advice. The helpline operates in complete confidentiality from Monday to Friday (09:00 to 21:00) by a fully trained staff including sociologists, social workers and psychologists. Please note that information and support are also available by email at


You may send any complaints regarding the use of the Site by contacting us at or by phone 18280*.

A Player can send a complaint to OPAP S.A. In order to start the procedure an e-mail must be sent to the address:

In the e-mail the Player must include the following details:
• User ID
• Username

• Personal Information, such as:
o Name
o Surname
o Father’s name
o Date of birth
o Address
o Nationality
o E-mail address
o Phone number

• Relevant information:
o Type of complaint (e.g.: technical problem, etc.)
o The date you faced the problem
o Players request (refund, etc.)

If the information is inadequate, OPAP S.A. has the right to reject the complaint.

OPAP S.A. collects and deals with the comments the soonest possible. If the complaint hasn’t been resolved within fourteen (14) days, OPAP S.A. informs the Player about the date he will receive an answer.
The Player can be informed about the stage of his complaint by contacting the call center 18280* and giving the necessary personal information.
OPAP S.A. collects all information regarding complaints (even the ones which have been rejected) for two (2) years which are also sent, upon request, to the Greek Gaming Commission (HGC).

Dispute with OPAP S.A. – Filing a Complaint

You may report any problems you have regarding the use of the Site and our games by contacting us via e-mail: or by phone: 18280*. However, if the situation is not resolved, you may file a complaint to OPAP S.A.
OPAP S.A. will process formal complaints from Players about the provision of Gaming. A formal complaint should include information about the Player’s identity and the reasons why it is expressed. The complaint may be dismissed if requirements are not met.
OPAP S.A. will process the complaint as soon as possible. If the complaint is not resolved within fourteen (14) days, OPAP S.A. will inform the Player about the possible date of the decision.
OPAP S.A. will store the documents relating to formal complaints, including the documents relating to rejected complaints, for at least two (2) years. These documents will be sent, upon request, to the Greek Gaming Commission (HGC).

Personal Data Privacy and Security

All personal data, the contents of the registration form and all other user confidential information which are sent via the Internet are protected by the latest encryption technology. will process a Player’s personal data only for the purposes for which they are collected (see privacy consensus text for marketing purposes, in the registration form), i.e. to provide the Player with online betting services. The Player ought to keep personal and not notify information regarding his Account and especially his password. If you become aware of any incident of violation of your personal information immediately change your password and contact OPAP S.A. by e-mail at or by phone 18280*.

Cash Out

It is the option to take a return by interrupting the betting prior to the selected event completion.

Since you have logged in to your account and placed a valid bet, you have the chance to Cash Out the bet, if this option is available for the markets you have bet on. In order to find out if Cash Out is available for your bet, you have to check the Cash out field, by clicking on Cash Out button. All available Cash Out amounts will appear on a list, where you can choose which bets you may perform Cash Out.

As soon as you perform all necessary actions for a Cash Out, the returning amount will be credited to your account in directly.

Cash Out is available for pregame and live betting.

Cash Out will not be available for all markets and it is on OPAP’s jurisdiction to enable or not Cash Out for any offered market.

Cash Out will be available for any betting combinations such as singles, doubles, trebles and any system unless a bet includes a market that is not offered for Cash Out.

Cash Out amount is calculated based on the original stake, the status of any selections that have been completed and the current price of the unsettled selection or selections (Multi bets). This may result to an amount greater or less than the original stake.

A period of several seconds takes place in order to receive the exact offered amount. If an odd changes or a market is suspended then a new offered amount will be displayed on Cash Out window.