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Rewards generic terms

Rewards generic terms


1. OPAP S.A. implements loyalty programs or otherwise reward programs. Rewards or otherwise "Bonus" resulting from these programs are aimed at rewarding all registered players on the site Reward is based on specific criteria associated with their gaming behavior and are applied uniformly. Rewards are not granted to certain players on terms that differ from those under which awards are provided to other players.

2. Only registered players who have been checked for over 21 years and/or have completed the verification process of their identity and whose account is active, (i.e. not closed or suspended by OPAP S.A.) may participate in a reward program.

3. Players will be informed about the details of the reward program (such as terms of administration, duration) via the e-mail that they have declared at the time of registration in www.pamestoixima. gr website and/or through promotional material in the section "Account Summary" and/or through private message in their personal account held at website.

4. Each reward has a specific duration; consequently each reward has a concrete start and a concrete end date. The player has at his/her disposal at least 60 (sixty) days so as to meet any prerequisite related to each promo of OPAP's loyalty program.

5. Registered players are rewarded and use Bonus, if only they satisfy usage terms, have accepted and fully comply with the Terms of the Accession Agreement and specifically HGC's decision with n.105/2/2014 on " Regulation of issues concerning conduct and control of online fixed odds gaming offered by OPAP S.A." and any other relevant decision of HGC and fully comply with the terms and conditions governing the use of this website.

6. Upon successful login in the electronic account, specific information for each Bonus can be seen, throughout its duration, under the section "Bonus" (i.e. type of the Bonus, start/end date and a brief description).

7. The spending mode of each bonus (partially spent to more than one bets or fully spent to one bet) is defined by OPAP S.A and can be altered without prior notification.

8. In case a player has more than one bonuses available for redemption, these will be redeemed based on the following priorities list:

i. Sports bonus, if any

ii. Bonus that will expire tomorrow

iii. Partially spent bonus

iv. Fully spent bonus

v. Bonus with the largest discount percentage

vi. Bonus with the nearest expiry date

vii. Oldest Bonus

9. Each bonus will be generated once all the specific conditions are met.

10. Each Bonus is used once and not in combination with any other Bonus.

11. The Bonus is non refundable, cannot be redeemed in cash or transferred to another player. In cases of Bonus redemption in the form of a system bet, the Bonus amount is allocated according to the percentage of participation of the system bet value in relation to the total betslip value.

12. For the player who make use of the Bonus, any profits will be credited to their electronic account after deducting the whole Bonus amount as well as any withholding taxes, as per the legislation in force. For more information please visit the section "Taxation" in your personal electronic account held in

13. Participation in promotions with multiple accounts may lead to account closure and exclusion from the right to participate in reward programs.

14. Employees of OPAP S.A. Group are prohibited from participating in games and therefore are not entitled to participate in loyalty programs and be granted any Bonus.

15. Use of bonus is only available to customers in Greece.

16. OPAP S.A. may at any time and at its sole discretion to exclude players from participating in loyalty programs, where such exclusion is justified by all the circumstances (for example: violation of the terms of the Accession Agreement, possible behavior which falls within the provisions of legislation on money laundering and financing of terrorism, violations of the provisions of existing legislation on gaming industry, etc.).

17. OPAP S.A. may at its sole discretion, in cases of dispute or disagreement regarding the validity of a player's participation in a reward program, to cancel such participation.

18. OPAP S.A. is not responsible for any problems or damage the player may suffer due to technical problems, including but not limited, to inability to connect with the internet provider or any other failure of technical nature due to which malfunctions or difficulties or impossible access to the website www / or to the Online Account, may limit and / or render the player's participation in the loyalty program impossible.

19. OPAP S.A. is not responsible for any damage or profit loss for reasons not pertaining its sphere of responsibility and are connected to a player's participation in the loyalty program, including but not limited to failure of winning cases, failure of using any award or non-compliance of the Player with the terms of the reward.

20. OPAP S.A. may, at its sole discretion and without justification and compliance of any period, modify the terms of participation and / or the terms of use of the loyalty program and / or cancel a reward program and / or part or all of the individual awards contained in a loyalty program and assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of the above. Therefore, the player is obliged to check regularly the available information in the sections of the Account associated with loyalty programs.

21. The above terms are governed by the Greek law and for any dispute that may arise from their application, the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens is appropriate.