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Εvery day comes with a sweet surprise!

Sweet Valentine's Terms & Codnitions


1. Société anonyme under company name “Organization of Football Prognostics S.A.” and distinctive title "OPAP S.A.", having its registered office on 112, Athinon Avenue, Athens, 10442, TIN 090027346 and SOCIETES ANONYMES ATHENS TAXATION OFFICE, under General Commercial Register (G.E.MI.) no. 3823201000, as legally represented (hereinafter “OPAP”), organizes the Contest under distinctive title “Sweet Valentine’s” (hereinafter the “Contest”) on Pamestoixima.gr website. Prizes, as such are offered in the context of the Contest, aim at rewarding OPAP players. Rewarding is performed based on criteria, which relate to Pamestoixima.gr Casino registered players’ gaming behavior, and are uniformly applied, in pursuance of the principle of equal treatment.

2. To meet the needs of the present Contest, Participation Games are defined as the online games of chance offered via the Casino section of pamestoixima.gr webpage, and more specifically, those mentioned in the contest's sub-section, as presented on the electronic address https://club.pamestoixima.gr/en/sweet-valentines (See Chapter “Special Terms of Action”)

Those interested in participating in the contest shall cumulatively meet the following conditions:

(a) shall be older than 21 and

(b) shall be registered players and keep an electronic account on pamestoixima.gr webpage and (c) shall have expressly provided their consent to the receipt of commercial communication, as well as to the processing of their gaming behavior for the forwarding of exclusive offers on Casino games of chance, offered via pamestoixima.gr website.

It is clarified that, to participate in the Contest, players are required to have an active electronic gaming account on Pamestoixima.gr website and fully consent to the terms and conditions governing the Contest.

Those persons who fall under the following cases cannot participate in the Contest:

(a) Those being younger than 21,

(b) Those who have not expressly, fully, and unreservedly provided their consent to the terms hereto,

(c) OPAP S.A. employees and 1st degree relatives thereof,

(d) OPAP Group agency owners and 1st degree relative thereof.

OPAP S.A. may at any stage of the action exclude those persons, who have used (or have attempted to use) foul means to participate or those who have breached any of the present terms.

Foul means shall mean, indicatively but not limited to, the cooperation with other persons, the use of devices, arrangements, PCs and/or software to enable automated or multiple participations without human intervention, potential conduct falling under the provisions on money laundering and financing of terrorism, breach of the provisions of the legislation in force regarding the games of chance market etc.

3. Players shall be updated on the details of the conduct of draws, as well as on the offering of prizes, such as (indicatively) the terms of participation in the present action, its term etc. via customized text messages (SMS) or emails sent to the electronic address that Players stated upon their registration with pamestoixima.gr

4. The present action starts on 7 February 2023 and ends on 14 February 2023.


Priorities of OPAP S.A.

The respect of the privacy and the protection of personal data of Participants is particularly important to OPAP S.A.

OPAP S.A., having its registered office on 112, Athinon Avenue, in its capacity as Data Controller, processes the personal data, which is voluntarily provided by Participants, in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as the Greek legislation on the protection of personal data in force.

OPAP S.A. does not collect information on Participants from other sources, such as public records or bodies or private organizations.

Processing purposes and basis

The collection and processing of Participants’ personal data is carried out by the competent, authorized OPAP S.A. employees, and pertains to mandatory details, such as the mobile phone number, and optional details, which include the email and the full name. These data are provided for participating in the Contest, as well as for relevant communication in case of win.

In addition, in case of win, users are called to provide their full name, phone number and address in order to have their prize delivered, and to declare any objection to their particulars being disclosed. Winners’ particulars are disclosed based on the legitimate interest of OPAP S.A. to ensure the program's transparency. Winners are invited to declare any objection to their details being disclosed prior to prize delivery. In case winners opt against the disclosure of their particulars, OPAP S.A. shall deliver the prizes without disclosing the particulars of winners that declared that they do not consent to them being disclosed.


The processing of Participants’ personal data is solely carried out by the competent OPAP S.A. employees, who are duly authorized to this end. Winners’ personal data is transferred to duly authorized partners (contracting company to be providing OPAP S.A. prizes) of OPAP S.A. to have Contest prizes delivered.

Storage Time

In the context of their participation in the Contest, Participants’ personal data shall be kept by OPAP throughout the Contest’s term, and in the case of winners, for as long as it is required to have the prize delivered; and in any case, for a period not exceeding six (6) months as from the Participant’s registration, unless it is requested to have it erased earlier or further stored for compliance purposes with a legal obligation or for the pursuit of OPAP’s legitimate interest. The aforementioned exclusively apply to the participation in the Contest and not to the recording of their particulars as pamestoixima.gr Casino players, which are stored pursuant to the framework governing online gaming in place.

Participants’ Rights

Participants have the right to access, namely the right to be informed, upon their request, of the extent to which their personal data is processed, and to receive further information regarding the processing being carried out. Furthermore, they have the right to request the rectification of any inaccurate personal data of theirs or the completion thereof and, if the conditions set out in Law are met, to exercise the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to their data portability and the right to object to the processing thereof.

Participants are entitled to withdraw their consent regarding the processing of their personal data and to request to have it deleted at any time and for each one of the aforementioned purposes, either by clicking on the link forwarded to their mobile and proceeding themselves to the respective changes via the website or by sending a request to the OPAP Group DPO that will read as follows:

Contact Details

For any request concerning the processing of their data, as well as in case it is found that the terms of the present on personal data are not observed, they shall address OPAP Group’s Personal Data Protection Officer, using the following contact details: Website: www.opap.gr/gdpr | Address: 112 Athinon Ave., 10442, Athens | Telephone: +30 210 5498888 | E-mail: dpo@opap.gr

In case Participants deem that the protection of their data is in any way prejudiced, they may resort to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, using the following contact details: Website: www.dpa.gr | Address: 1-3, Kifissias Ave. 115 23, Athens | Call Center: +30 210 6475600 | Fax: +30 210 6475628 | E-mail: contact@dpa.gr

Confidentiality/ Security

OPAP strictly adheres to security policies, while it concurrently applies the most recent techniques on the protection of personal data kept in its records against:

Illegal access;

Illegal use or disclosure;

Illegal modification;

Intentional or unintentional destruction.

The present terms and conditions comply with the applicable national and EU legislation on the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the decisions taken by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.


On any request relevant to the participation in “Sweet valentine’s” in pamestoixima.gr” reward action, users may contact the organizing company, by using the following contact details: OPAP Call Center at 18280.

Amendment to the Terms of Use

The Organizing Company reserves the right to amend the terms hereof whenever it deems appropriate, by notifying visitors/ users of the amendments and changes, via the reward action webpage.

Warranties on behalf of Participants

All Participants in the present reward action fully and unreservedly accept the terms of use herein. Those who do not accept the terms of use cannot participate in the reward action. Furthermore, all Participants expressly and unreservedly acknowledge, declare, and undertake that:

Their personal data relating to their participation in the present reward action does not belong to a third natural or legal person, but to themselves.

They do not breach any third party's personal data or personality rights.

They do not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.

They acknowledge that in order to participate in the present action, the recording and storage of their personal data is required, as well as that in case they are declared winners, the Organizing Company:

Shall use their personal data to communicate with them.

Shall disclose their data in the winner’s list (which may be globally and indefinitely reproduced to any of the Organizing Company's online and offline channels (internet mobile apps, third parties’ websites, Social Media, YouTube etc.) as well as on the internet, TV and/or the cinema, for as long as and where deemed necessary by the Organizing Company, provided that the winners have declared that they wish to have their details disclosed.

The participation in the present reward action requires the express, full and unreserved acceptance of the participation terms and entails the concomitant waiver from all relevant claim as against the Organizing Company. The Organizing Company has no civil or criminal liability against any winner, regarding any accident that may happen and/or loss and/or any bodily harm or otherwise that may be inflicted upon them, directly or indirectly related to the present reward action or due to any other cause.

Revocation of Announcement - Amendment to Terms - Liability

The Organizing Company has the right to revoke, either in part or in whole, the present reward at any time at its absolute discretion or to amend the terms hereof (indicatively including the reward's duration). In no case shall the Organizing Company be held liable for any direct or consequential losses, expenses or costs that may arise from any interruption, malfunction or delay or any other cause relating to the participation in the reward. Furthermore, the Organizing Company has no civil or criminal liability against any Participant or third party, regarding any accident that may happen and/or loss and/or any bodily harm or otherwise that may be inflicted upon them, directly or indirectly related to the present reward action or due to any other cause.

Trademarks - Intellectual Property

Participants shall neither have nor obtain any rights to the Organizing Company’s trademarks, trade names, signs, emblems and other distinctive marks.

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

The present terms and all kinds of contractual and extra-contractual relationships that arise from the performance thereof shall be governed by Greek Law for all Participants. Any dispute relating to the present reward action that may arise in the future shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athens Courts, even by non-permanent residents of Greece.

1.            The Participant declares that they have been fully informed of all the Detailed Terms of the Program, unreservedly accepting them in their entirety.

2.            The Participant declares that they waive any claim, current and/or future, as against the Organizing Company and the Companies, and the executives, employees, and servants and agents thereof as to the reward action, the application of terms, the disclosure process and the use of photos, the selection thereof, provided that the they have declared that they wish to have their data disclosed or any other cause directly or indirectly related to the present reward action.