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Terms and Conditions


1. The company under name “Organization of Football Prognostics S.A.” and distinctive title "OPAP S.A.", having its seat at 112, Athinon Avenue, Athens, P.C. 10442, as being legally represented, (hereinafter “OPAP”) organizes a contest on website. Prizes deriving from the Contest aim at rewarding OPAP players. Rewarding shall be performed based on criteria concerning registered players, and shall be applied in a uniform manner, observing the principle of equal treatment.


2. No participation in games is required for the participation in the Contest. In order for someone to participate in the draw, he/she shall have an active and fully verified account on, and he/she shall have expressly consented to the receipt of commercial communication, as well as to the processing of his/her gaming behavior for the dispatching of exclusive offers on the games of chance provided through website.


3. The offer aims at providing 8 double VIP tickets and 20 double simple tickets, which shall be attributed to the winner following a draw.


4. The prize shall be made available following the conduct of an electronic draw, which will take place on Thursday, 06/04/2023, at 12:00 p.m., at the headquarters of OPAP S.A.


5. The contest shall be carried out from Tuesday, 28/03/2023, at 00:00 until Wednesday, 05/04/2023, at 23:59.


6. In detail, the prizes include:

  • 2 double VIP tickets & 5 double simple tickets for the event of Superleague AEK FC – ARIS FC (Sunday 9/4, 18:00).
  • 2 double VIP tickets & 5 double simple tickets for the event of Superleague AEK FC – PAOK FC (Wednesday 26/4).
  • 2 double VIP tickets & 5 double simple tickets for the event of Superleague AEK FC – Olympiacos FC (Wednesday 3/5).
  • 2 double VIP tickets & 5 double simple tickets for the event of Superleague AEK FC – Volos FC (Saturday 13/5).



7. Each active player on shall participate automatically, with one entry, in the Contest draw, provided that the present terms are fulfilled. Registered players may, at any time, withdraw from the present action by declaring so via calling OPAP customer service on 18280 (Mon - Fri 09:00 - 01:00) within 48 hours as of the entry of the request, and in case of bank holidays, on the following business day.


8. From the draw to be conducted, 28 winners and 50 runners-up shall derive.


9. The winners shall be notified via phone call and/or e-mail and/or text message.


10. The winners shall accept the prize, finally and definitely, within 24 hours as of the time of his/her notification.


11. In case of denial, failure to accept or non-acceptance of the prize in general by the winners, the number 1 runner-up shall be qualified. The runner-up shall accept the prize, finally and definitely, within 12 hours. In case of denial, failure to accept or non-acceptance of the prize in general by the runner-up as well, the number 2 runner-up shall be qualified, and so on.


12. In case none of the drawn persons accepts the prize within the set deadlines, the prize shall be lost and the promotional activity shall be declared completed.


13. The persons falling under the following cases shall be excluded from participating in the Contest:


- Persons under 21 years of age.


- Persons who have not expressly, fully, and unreservedly consented to the present terms.


- OPAP S.A. employees and 1st degree relatives thereof.


- OPAP Group agency owners and 1st degree relatives thereof.


- Persons possessing on (a) a Temporary Electronic Player Account; (b) an Inactive Player Account; (c) a blocked Player Account; or (d) a Player Account that has temporarily or permanently been closed for any reason.


14. OPAP S.A. may exclude from the present action, at any stage of its conduct, persons who have used (or have attempted to use) foul means with regard to their participation, or who have violated any of the present terms.


Foul means shall mean, indicatively, the cooperation with other persons, the use of devices, structures, computers and/or software to facilitate automated or multiple participations without human intervention, the case of conduct falling under the provisions of the legislation on money laundering and financing of terrorism, violation of the provisions of the applicable legislation on the market of games of chance, etc.


15. The results of the draw shall be posted on website.


16. Prizes shall not be transferred, nor redeemed in cash, and they are not refundable.


17. OPAP S.A. may, at any time and at its absolute discretion, amend any of the offered prizes. In any case, the players participating the Contest shall be notified through website and/or personalized communication message.


18. In no case shall OPAP S.A. be held liable for any direct or indirect losses, expenses or costs that may arise from any interruption, malfunction or delay or any other cause related to the participation in the Contest.


19. OPAP S.A. may, at any time and at its absolute discretion, amend the terms of participation in the present action and/or repeal the present action and/or part or the entirety of the prizes thereof, and it shall bear no liability for any damage that may arise as a result of the aforementioned. The terms of participation in the Contest shall be available on website. Therefore, the Participant shall be obliged to regularly check the information that are available on the aforesaid website and are related to the present action.


20. The participation in the Contest and the potential attribution of the prize in its framework presupposes and entails the full and unreserved acceptance of the entirety of the present terms. Anyone not accepting the participation terms shall not be allowed to participate in the Contest.


21. OPAP S.A. shall reserve the right to announce the winners’ details in any of its channels (the Internet, mobile applications, third party websites, social media, YouTube, etc.) as well as on the Internet, TV or the cinema, for as long as and as deemed necessary by the Organizing Company, via a press release on mass media or on social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), and to use each winner's photos and a video containing a statement of theirs, as well as their participation in events of the Organizing Company, under the condition that the provisions on personal data, as set out on, are observed.


22. In case a Player Account closes for any reason (e.g. non-completion of account verification process, permanent or temporary self-exclusion, etc.) prior to the completion of the prize awarding, the prize shall not be attributed.


23. The present terms and any type of contractual and non-contractual relationships deriving from their implementation shall be governed by Greek law for all participants. Any dispute related to the present action that may arise in the future shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athens Courts, even when it concerns non-permanent residents of Greece.


24. The Greek text of the said terms and conditions supersedes any eventual translation thereof into a different language.


25. In case that one or more sporting events for which OPAP S.A. offers attendance tickets may change the date, time and venue or even take place behind closed doors, OPAP S.A. is not responsible.


26. The result of the draw shall be definite and irrevocable.


27. The general Terms of Rewards of shall apply.


28. The general Terms and Conditions of shall apply.